Voborník P.Efficient Transfer and Object-Relational Mapping of Data for Client-Server Applications through the Internet. International Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Volume 10, 2016, pp. 288-293. ISSN 1998-0159.


This article summarizes current approaches for the transmission of the data for the client-server applications which communicate via the public internet. On their basis an entirely new approach is proposed that ensures to minimize server load and maximize user comfort when working with a client application. This method encapsulates all operations into two class libraries, one of which operates on the server side and the second is integrated into the client application. Data are submitted to the client application in a clear object-oriented form, including references between them, only minimized and uncomplicated text strings are sent via the internet and these data are automatically stored on the server in a classic relational database. In addition to the data transfer this method also solves objectrelational mapping. Using the method presented in the article also brings comfort for applications developers and they can thus concentrate more on the development of application logic.


Data interchange, client-server, serialization, Silverlight, web services, object-relational mapping, DataSet, OOP, object database, WCF.


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