Voborník P.Effective Determining of the Degree of Similarity of Selected Properties of Objects through Characteristic Text Strings. International Journal of Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Volume 10, 2016, pp. 90-99. ISSN 1998-0159.


The article illustrates the new unique coding method for describing the properties of different objects of the virtual and real world into the so-called characteristic text strings. The basic description of the object can be summarized into a very short text string by this method. These strings are comprised only of the basic characters of the alphabet and numbers and it is easily to readable by humans. These strings can be easily and very quickly compared with each other and determine mutual difference of described objects. Total and partial difference (differences in specific properties) may be calculated at any time. This enables us to easily find the object that is most dissimilar from or most similar to the pattern object. The whole principle of characteristic text strings is demonstrated on generating random elements in the test questions. Thanks to this principle, a complicated structure can be described of each randomly generated question by the short string. On the basis of this, such procedures can be suggested for repeatedly used questions that ensure generating of the most different version from versions used previously. The applicability is thus of each of the test questions maximized. Another area of use of characteristic text strings are then presented, such as web online shops, vehicle license plate, genetic algorithms, and more.


Characteristic text strings, eShop, random elements, test questions.


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