Strnadová V., Voborník P., Provazníková, K.Research Tools to Develop Identification and Measurement of Stress Factors in Two Groups of Athletic Population. International Journal of Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Volume 10, 2016, pp. 47-60. ISSN 1998-4510.


The article presents the results of the research focused on stress factors followed in two groups – top-level athletes and recreational sportsmen. With regard to the methods used in the research the answers obtained in subjective questioning were statistically processed and then the respondents were classified into the zones of stress potential. In the field of frustration tolerance half of the top-level sportsmen group have low to average value of stress factors. The situation is similar in the recreational sportsmen group where 50% of them also show low to average value of stress factors. As far as coping with stress is concerned it has been revealed that about two thirds of the surveyed top-level athletes. In terms of handling stress it has been found out that 68% of people from the top-level athletes group fall into the third stress zone and in the common population group 72% of its members again fall into the healthiest third zone. The electronic online application which enabled subjective questioning and classification into stress factors was set up and placed on the web.


Anti-stress effects of sport, quality of life, frustration tolerance, handling stress, psychosomatic symptoms.


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