Voborník P.Migration of the Perfect Cipher to the Current Computing Environment. WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, Volume 11, 2014, art. #21, pp. 196-203. ISSN: 1790-0832, E-ISSN: 2224-3402.


Algorithm of the perfect cipher has been known since the beginning of the last century. However, this procedure requires respecting of strict conditions that complicated the practical use of the cipher. Original conditions of Vernam perfect cipher will be discussed at first in detail in this article. The original approach of characters will then be transferred to the bit level. The modification of work with the encryption keys with the use of modern hash algorithms will be proposed so that the major factors that prevent the practical use of the cipher will be removed and most of their benefits will be preserved. The proposed new encryption algorithm will be subjected to the measurement of speed in conclusion, and these results will be compared with other known encryption algorithms.


Perfect cipher, encryption, communication, Vernam, one-time pad, hash function.


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