Voborník P.Tool and mechanisms for efficient transfer of data in cloud client-server applications. In: Recent Advances on Systems, Signals, Control, Communications and Computers, Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Data Networks, Communications, Computers (DNCOCO '15), Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering Series (57), Budapest, Hungary, December 12-14, 2015, WSEAS Press, pp. 166-171. ISBN 978-1-61804-355-9, ISSN 1790-5117.


This article is focused on the transmission of the data in the client-server applications which communicate via the public internet. The emphasis is placed on minimizing server load and maximizing user comfort when working with a client application. The method presented in the article enables encapsulating all this work into two class libraries, one of which operates on the server side and the other is integrated into the client application. The data are automatically stored on the server in a classic relational database, only minimized and uncomplicated text strings are sent via the internet and these data are submitted to the client application in a clear object code form. This approach also brings comfort for applications developers who thus are able to focus more on application logic.


Data interchange, client-server, serialization, Silverlight, web services, OR mapping, DataSet, OOP, object database, WCF.


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