Voborník P.Maximizing of reusability of test questions by optimizing their randomly generated elements through characteristic text strings. In: Recent Advances in Educational Technologies, Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education and Modern Educational Technologies (EMET 2015), Series: Educational Technologies Series, Zakynthos Island, Greece, July 16-20, 2015, pp. 95-101. ISBN 978-1-61804-322-1, ISSN 2227-4618.


The article illustrates the unique coding method for describing the properties of different objects of the real and virtual world. This method offers the ability to summarize the basic description of the object in a very short text string comprised only of the basic characters of the alphabet and numbers. These strings describing specific objects can be quickly and easily compared with each other and determine total and partial (differences in specific properties) differences of these objects. This enables us to easily identify the object that is most similar to or most dissimilar from the pattern object. The whole principle of characteristic text strings is subsequently demonstrated on generating random elements in the test questions. A complicated structure of each randomly generated question can be described by the short string thanks to this principle. On the basis of this, such procedures for repeatedly used questions can be suggested that ensure generating of the most different version from versions used previously. The applicability of each of the test questions is thus maximized. Several other areas are proposed in conclusion, where a similar principle can also be applied preferably.


Test questions, random elements, Universal Testing Environment, characteristic text strings.


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