Voborník P.Modification of the perfect cipher for practical use. In: Advances in Mathematical Models and Production Systems in Engineering, Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering, Quality and Production Systems (MEQAPS '14), 26.-28. 6. 2014, Brasov, Romania, Athens: WSEAS Press, 2014, pp. 64-68. ISSN 2227-4588, ISBN 978-960-474-387-2.


The principle of the perfect cipher has been known for almost a century. Unfortunately conditions that must be complied with its use still complicate its practical use. Principle of the perfect Vernam cipher will be summarized in this article. Pursuant of it and with the use of modern hash algorithms the modification of work with the encryption keys will be proposed so that the major factors that prevent the practical use of the cipher will be removed and most of their benefits will be preserved. The results of measuring the speed at which this cipher is able to work and its comparison with other ciphers will also be presented.


Cipher, hash, communication, data transportation, one-time pad, Vernam, algorithm.


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