Teaching algorithms using multimedia tools

Voborník, P.: Teaching algorithms using multimedia tools, In: The proceedings of the conference ERIE 2011, 9.–10. 6. 2011, FEM CULS, Praha, str. 312-321. ISSN 1803-1617.


Abstract: Multimedia applications give us an excellent chance to demonstrate, visualize, describe and test the subject matter more clearly and comprehensibly. The papaer presents methodology which has proved successful in the course Algorithms and Data Structures. It uses the latest technology and enables both successful teaching and learning. Several multimedia applications created by the author will be briefly described and their use for teaching and learning processes of the mentioned subject will be discussed. The created multimedia tools are intended not only for the explanation and visualization of the subject matter, but also for testing the knowledge of the students. Some statistical results about the use of the tools will be presented here as well.