Voborník P., Helvich J., Macinka M.: Basic Numbers – Application to Support Gamified Teaching of Basic Numerical Operations at the First Stage of Primary School with Options for Remote Online Teaching and Blended Learning. In: The 14th international scientific conference on Distance Learning in Applied Informatics. Štúrovo, Slovakia: Wolters Kluwer, 2022, pp. 304–314. ISBN 978-80-7676-410-1, ISSN 2464-7470, ISSN 2464-7489.


The multiplatform app, Basic Numbers, was developed to practice basic math operations. It is therefore intended primarily for students in the first stage of primary school. Basic Numbers combines the main advantages of competing applications, but also brings some innovative features of its own to make teaching, self-study and testing in the subject more effective. In addition to the classic setting of numerical operations and the range of members of the generated problems, it allows complex definition of the overall structure of the problem so that the assignment suits the various types of tasks. Continuous monitoring of solution results brings elements of gamification. Basic Numbers also supports an online mode in which the teacher can prepare an assignment for students to training of knowledge on their devices. The teacher can then simply give the students a short unique code that makes the assignment available to them under the set conditions, and they can practice solving the generated problems independently. The application then sends the results of their efforts via a cloud server back to the teacher’s device, giving them feedback that can help them adapt their lesson plan. The application can also be used for formal testing, both remote and in-person. It is possible to set restrictions on switching between apps. The development of the app is still ongoing, but in its current version it is already proving to be a solid and useful tool for a modern way of effective teaching in the field of basic mathematics.


Application Basic Numbers (basic-numbers.com) is available on Google Play and Microsoft Store.



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